It’s Just a Dream

It's Just a Dream
It’s Just a Dream by Elaine Greywalker

In the dry woods a dragon is singing. I do not know what kind of composition the dragon’s song is, but all those who hear it lose themselves. —Hsiang-yen

Bouquet With Opal

Photo of flowers with an uncut opal
By Elaine Greywalker

Material, physical, celestial realms
Of the supreme being; the source to be worshipped.
May we deeply meditate on the sacred truth of Divine light.
May our intellect be infused with that light.
—Mantra of Enlightenment


Abstract art in blues and grays
Loping by Elaine Greywalker

Once bodhicitta has been aroused in you, whatever Dharma practices that you do will lead to the attainment of perfect enlightenment. —Patrul Rinpoche