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2014 NaNoWriMo novel draft working title
2014 NaNoWriMo novel draft working title

I’ve read 90-Day Rewrite up to the action part which requires answering specific questions about the novel draft and keeping a rewrite mantra in mind. To do the action part, I’ve selected my most recent draft because the story is nonsensical and will be easiest to edit. Also, I have the least at stake in this novel and will have fewer qualms about making radical changes.

In preparation, I have created an ePub version and will read it on my iPhone like any other book. I know the draft is full of crap and horrid errors and omissions. I am prepared to make the adventure. Wish me luck.

My book is a work in progress . By maintaining a spirit of curiosity, everything I write, rewrite and edit either belongs, or is leading me to what ultimately belongs in my story. I am uniquely qualified to write this story , and through this process I will not abdicate authority over my work to anyone, including agents, publishers, family or friends. This does not mean that at some point I will not ask for feedback, but I will not make changes without first checking with myself that the changes serve what I am attempting to express, even if I am not able to articulate it. My impulses and hunches are precious assets. If one’s critical opinion does not ring true, regardless of the source, I will disregard it. I trust that what I am expressing is valid because my impulses are valid.

Watt, Alan (2012-06-26). The 90-Day Rewrite: The Process of Revision (p. 58). The 90-Day Novel Press. Kindle Edition.

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