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I write fantasy/scifi novels with touches of time travel and mysticism. Some of them also include mysterious adventures and detectives. My first published novel, Uncle Tauber’s Trunk, is available on Amazon.

I contributed chapters to the Topeka and Shawnee County Library community novels: Speakeasy (2013; Chapter 4) and Superimposed (2014; Chapter 10).

Each November I write a new novel as I participate in National Novel Writing Month. I vary my time between editing completed drafts and creating new works.

Here are my novels in the order they were written.

  1. Cosmic Control: Bronwen’s First Age. An epic science fiction fantasy about the struggles of one woman to live a quiet life even though the intergalactic government has other plans. (2006)
  2. Arcana. A time-traveling mystic gets dragged into a family chase to decipher the treasure map woven into an old oriental rug. (2007)
  3. From the Isles of Orion. A medieval fantasy about the orphaned daughter of a local king who fights to protect the true intergalactic origins of her family and their benevolent rule. (2008)
  4. Cosmic Control: The Prime Locus Learns Something. Book Two in the Cosmic Control Series. Bronwen must strike a balance between control of the gifteds and control by the intergalactic government. (2009)
  5. The Pathbreaker Agent. A time traveling mystic and her boyfriend help repel an invasion of the ruthless planet-destroying Pathbreakers. (2010)
  6. Uncle Tauber’s Trunk. A retired writer and an active CIA researcher riddle out the contents of an old German trunk. Buy the paperback or e-book from Amazon. (2011)
  7. They Came from the Red Mist. Parallel Lauren’s are repeatedly abducted by the evil Pathbreakers to ensure universal domination. Ted, Lauren’s husband, works with FBI chronometrists to bring her back. Meanwhile, a time traveling alien has his own agenda for Lauren. (2012)
  8. Cosmic Control: Defeat of the UnRegs. A small team of Paranormals fights the UnRegistered, outsider mercenaries, hired by the corrupt government. The UnRegs are attempting to block the pathways of subtle energy and thus render the Paranormals powerless. (2013)
  9. The Unicorn Rescue. A tongue-in-cheek drama about a woman experiencing both sides of life at once. (2014)
  10. Darling Reality. SciFi/Fantasy tale about a misfit female monk. Still working on the summary. (2015)

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