better theme/design

putting the pie pieces together

I’ve installed and activated the Amazing Grace theme, which has most of what I’m looking for. And, my heck, WordPress is a freakin’ application, man! Why couldn’t someone have mentioned that? It’s touted as easy to use blogging software or a web design maker. Heck, you could rule Mauritania from here with this thing. It will be more than a couple of days before I get this web site straight. Ack.

not getting rss feeds

I’ve inserted the RSS feed widget twice, once for each of the Blogger blogs I’m trying to show on this page. One of the big reasons I switched to WordPress was to easily insert feeds and such for all my various activities. Does not bode well. I shall overcome or assimilate. Still, sorta defeats the purpose of all this pain. I hope it doesn’t last and turns out to be an error between the keyboard and the chair.