Fine Art

Foggy Water by Elaine Greywalker
Foggy Water by Elaine Greywalker

I create mediative landscapes and atmospheres while exploring the limitations of 3D rendering. I am fascinated with spheres, rocks, lighting, and mountains. While I enjoy the illusion of depth, I also make flat, expressive, gestural pieces.

Below is a list of fine online shops where you can buy my art. All products are created directly from the digital file. To the right is a selection of direct links to random products.

Here’s a printable catalog of my most recent landscapes. The catalog includes links for purchasing prints.

If you would like custom art to apply to merchandise from any of the shops below, please contact me.

Click to visit my store.Zazzle: This merchandise shop offers personalized tee shirts, art prints, shoes, computer speakers, iPhone cases, and a lot of other items. New items are added regularly. There are frequent sales and discount codes. You can buy my pre-designed items or you can use my art to customize other merchandise. I have purchased their products and the quality is good. If you would like custom art to apply to merchandise please contact me.

Fine Art America: In this shop you can purchase my art impressed on museum quality substrates. Each print is created on demand from the original high resolution digital file. You can also order framing, matting, and other accessories.

Deviant Art: This is where I keep some of the experimental stuff. Buy a variety of art products from this shop, such as fine art prints on paper and canvas; or merchandise like tee shirts, mugs, calendars, postcards, etc.

Art Wanted: This shop features actual physical limited edition art works that I printed myself and which are signed, numbered, and professionally framed. I have no plans to make more of these as the printer has died and the application no longer functions on my computer. The representations shown on Art Wanted are as acurate as the internet allows. Please contact me to make an appointment for a viewing.

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